Underfloor heating brings luxury to everyday living


HOME by belle is now offering FREE underfloor heating with every bathroom renovation completed this winter during the months of June, July and August.  There are limited spots available so book now.  T&C’s apply.

Let’s face it, the thought of stepping into a freezing cold bathroom during winter can send a shiver through most of us.  With large tiled areas and ceramic surfaces, bathrooms are naturally and unavoidably cold which is why it’s a smart idea to think about adding heating features to a bathroom renovation as they can make a huge difference to your comfort once the colder months set in.

One of our favourite bathroom luxuries that we couldn’t live without during winter is underfloor heating.  No longer reserved for the very wealthy or as a luxurious feature of five star hotels, underfloor heating is now becoming an important feature in everyday bathrooms as the technology becomes more accessible and affordable.

One reason underfloor heating is becoming more popular is because it is a smart way to warm the bathroom.  Unlike overhead heat and extraction lamps that provide a blast of heat from the ceiling, the underfloor heating is generated from the floor and as hot air rises, the warmth is distributed at a constant temperature more evenly and efficiently.  This can be particularly beneficial for bathrooms with high ceilings.

If you’re about to undertake a bathroom renovation, don’t forget to think about heating solutions early in the planning phase.  Not only will this allow more choices in the type of underfloor heating options, but electrical elements will require wiring during the build phase and certain types of switches will need to be selected early before the tiling starts.

The underfloor heating components are usually installed on top of a concrete or timber substrate, underneath your desired floor finish and there are generally speaking two types of electric underfloor heating.

  • In-slab heating is where the wires are laid within the concrete slab itself and the flooring is then laid over the top. The heat from the wires radiates through the concrete slab to the floor surface.
  • In-screed heating has a layer of sand or gravel laid over the concrete slab (a screed) and the heating wires placed within the screed with mesh and fixing clips. The floor surface is then installed over the top.

HOME by belle choose to install in-screed heating because it offers greater protection during the install.  In-screed also has a faster warm up and cool down time compared to in-slab heating, allowing you to manage your temperature and energy usage more efficiently by lowering the temperature levels or turning the system off completely if you are going away.

Installation is a simple process provided the system is installed professionally and the heating isolated to certain areas of the bathroom depending on your needs.  Underfloor heating systems can also be connected to gas or solar energy and integrated with a timer for greater energy efficiency.

If you’d like to know more about underfloor heating or discuss your bathroom renovation ideas, simply call us on (02) 9967 3336, email us at info@homebybelle.com.au or pop in to our showroom at 493 Willoughby Road, Willoughby NSW 2068 where our friendly team will take time to discuss your plans in more detail.