How to avoid common bathroom renovation pitfalls

Bathroom renovations are often high on everyone’s wish list but turning your bathroom dream into a reality can easily end awry if you don’t understand the fundamentals of what can go wrong.  There are many things involved in planning bathrooms which, if not planned ahead of time, can also delay the process.  To help you navigate the key element of your next bathroom renovation, we have outlined some common bathroom blunders and provided some tips on how to avoid them.

Choose your fixtures and fittings before you start 

One of the biggest mistakes we see when renovating the bathroom is not having all the fittings and fixtures selected ahead of time.  This means you need to think about the type of fixtures you would like and have them purchased and delivered onsite ready to install when the work begins. Having the fixtures and fittings selected at this early stage will ensure that your tradesmen can make the correct ‘rough-in’ allowances during each stage of the job.  The tradesmen can also check that they all work seamlessly in the bathroom layout and they function the way you intended them to.

Be clear about the project timeline

Another big mistake many people make is not planning ahead and securing a timeline of works from the renovation company. Bathroom renovations have a lot of work to be done before the renovation begins and once it starts, there can be up to eight different trades required for a bathroom renovation and all need to be arranged in order.  Many people wonder why it is not possible finish a bathroom in a week and fail to fully understand the process.  For this reason, it’s best not to jump into a big renovation without proper planning and understanding the scheduling beforehand.   A timeline of when work is scheduled right through to the project completion will allow you to plan around any disruptions such as loss of water or power.

Don’t be afraid to make changes to the layout

It is surprising how many people think it is not feasible to make major changes to the layout, including moving the plumbing.  At the end of the day, if you’re investing in a bathroom renovation your key consideration should be about how you can make your bathroom as functional as possible.  While you may not be able to move the walls, consider the location of the toilet and vanity and if you feel they need to move then speak to your architect and builder because in many instances, moving pipes may not be as hard or expensive as you had envisaged.  At the end of the day, this will result in you getting what you truly want rather than wishing in hindsight that you should have done something differently.

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