Custom cabinetry trade secrets

Home owners today want every room in the home to look amazing with outstanding design and clever functionality.  Open plan living means more areas are on display and kitchens are becoming a feature in their own right.  This trend is fuelling demand for customised cabinetry where every cupboard, benchtop and draw is made to measure and installed seamlessly into the home.

However custom cabinetry can be expensive.  Sarah Comerford, Director at HOME by belle, a kitchen and bathroom renovation specialist based in Willoughby, believes the industry has been slow to respond to the growing demand for affordable custom solutions with most big companies only offering standard cabinet sizes that rarely fit perfectly into a space.

According to Sarah, “My advice to anyone considering custom cabinetry is to check you are getting a genuine made to measure solution.  Many companies say they offer customised cabinetry but have restrictions around standard panel sizes and plump out extra space with wine racks or a false panel.  While this can be a cheaper alternative it won’t deliver the seamless look that a true customised solution offers.”

There is a lot of hard work that goes into cutting the intricate pieces and sections of custom cabinets to justify a premium price, but the benefits of having a bespoke design that fits perfectly into your home is worth it.  Do your research to ensure you are getting a genuine made-to-measure service.

HOME by belle has identified a niche market for affordable customised cabinetry and designs integrated solutions for the home including kitchens, entertainment units, bathroom vanities and laundries.

Here are our custom cabinetry tips and trade secrets.

Start with the layout

This may seem obvious but is so important.  Look at the layout of the home, make sure you get the orientation right and that all the cabinetry flows together.  Also consider the sight lines and what areas you notice the most.  Find ways to get the most functionality out of your space to maximise storage and clever design ideas will start to come to you.

Steer clear of swinging doors

Swinging doors take up a lot of space and traditional cupboards can accumulate clutter so consider filling the base cabinets with draws.  Draws are much better for maximising storage and are ideal for both kitchen and bathrooms.  While you may lose a small amount of space due to draw runners what you gain back in practicality is more valuable. There are also many functional design ideas that can go into a draw, for example a spice draw, pull-out bins, and slide out benches that can be designed bespoke for your home.

Consider the finishes

The trend today is to introduce a lot of different finishes and there are many to choose from.  For instance, polyurethane, satin finish, timber veneer, stone and marble.  The mix of finishes makes the design process more involved but it is becoming increasingly important as people look to create spectacular centrepieces for the home.

Treat handles like jewellery

Handles can take beautiful cabinetry to another level and make a big style statement.  There are many different styles of handles to choose from which can allow you to add a personal touch.  But handles aren’t for everyone and there are a number of handle free options available.

Create concealed walk-in areas

There is currently a big trend towards butler’s pantries and creating concealed spaces in the home.  This is a result of more people integrating their kitchen and living areas and wanting to hide unsightly mess.  Walk-in pantries can act as multi-purpose storage areas, for instance a place to store kid’s schoolbags or a concealed laundry.

Don’t forget the laundry

It’s a mistake to think laundries don’t need a lot of effort – laundries need storage and functionality and deserve to be just as amazing as the kitchen.  Consider things like a spray tap for cleaning muddy boots, basins large enough for soaking, built-in ironing boards and pull-out bars for airing clothes.

For affordable custom cabinetry solutions, speak to the specialists at HOME by belle on (61)2 9967 3336, email info@homebybelle.com.au or visit our showroom at 493 Willoughby Road, Willoughby NSW.

About HOME by belle

HOME by belle is a design and renovation management company that provides exceptional design concepts to complement its full renovation service for their home improvement projects.  HOME by belle combines project management skills with meticulous attention to detail during the construction phase on each renovation project.  With a strong focus on bathroom, laundry and kitchen design and renovations, the team at HOME by belle create spaces that connect people with their home.

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